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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Press out the crank assembly

Went down to my dad's shop to get press the crank assembly out.

All lined up and ready to go. Note the spacer bar.

Some things you shouldn't admit to or post on the internet. For the record I Pat was holding the parts and I was pumping and should have been holding bar. My dad was holding the video camera. Pat is explaning how a harley crank assembly is installed in the video to my dad, when things get out of hand. No one was hurt and nothing was damaged, but I wasn't planning on reusing the crank assembly.

All most bare left case.

These two races could be removed at this point, but we opted to leave them so we wouldn't lose the spacer between them.

Crank assembly. I think is the only 1982 Harley piece on this bike and it's not going back into it.

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