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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shovelhead Re-Torque etc.

Added another quart of oil. The extra oil lines and filter took up about a quart once it was running.

Time to check the torque on the head bolts. Off with the carb.

I did all the headbolts to 65 ft*lbs again. I think one of the bolts may have moved a bit, but otherwise everything clicked.

I kind of got off track and checked the compression because I was worried about the air sounds I kept hearing. I didn't get the numbers I was expecting, but I'm told that the rings may not have seated yet.

It turns out my air sounds were coming from the top seal on the rear exhaust pushrod tube not the rear head gasket. I had to use soapy water to find it, because I could feel around the rear head to cylinder joint, but it didn't seem like a headgasket. I resealed the tube and not more wierd sounds. Sorry no pictures because I was pissed off and tired by then.

Whoa. Here's an intake leak. The cap over the late model crankcase breather port was rotten.

I bought a pipe plug to seal the hole off real good.

Fresh rubber bands this time.

Check the air screw and set it to one and one half turns out.

Shove the carb back on and tighten the clamps.

I noticed that I didn't have a gasket between the backing plate and the carb. I need to pick one up later.

Found where the gas smell was coming from. See the wet spot before the filter.

Old fuel line.

New fuel line.

Never use EVO split tanks on a shovelhead. The petcock is right in the way of the sparkplug.

I raised the idle just a bit and I rode it around a little. Shovelheads are so fun to ride. I think it's pretty good, but do have a tiny decel pop maybe not quite a pop. I'll have Pat listen to it and see what he thinks, but I should good to go to Shovelfest in two weeks no problem.

Oh crap extra parts. The rubber bands are trash, but where did the bolt and nut come from?

I forgot to bolt the carb support on the backing plate, so I'll fix that next time out.

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