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Thursday, March 22, 2012

800 Vulcan won't start

It's not the sidestand switch.

So here's the troubleshoot.

First check the battery voltage. It should be 12.5 or more. Then check that the positive and negative connection are clean and tight on the battery. Check that the ground wire is not broken and is connect good and tight to the engine block.

Now watch the battery voltage when you hit the button if it drops off then it's a battery problem.

See if the starter is bad, by checking the stud on top of it. It should have ~12.5v of power when you hit the button. If it's hot and the nothing spins then get a starter motor.

If it's not hot start here.

Here's a the hot side of the starter circuit.

Battery, Main Fuse, Ignition(key) switch. (Those are good if you have lights working.)

Ignition Fuse in fuse box.(maybe blown?)

Cut-off Switch by throttle(may be bad or turned off)(Being off has called a wrecker or two before.)

Starter Button(maybe bad)

Relay in junction box(sticking or bad connection)

The ground side of this relay comes from either the neutral switch or clutch switch.

No neutral light with the bike in neutral, switch or connection.

If it starts with clutch pulled or in neutral, but not the other, you can figure it out.

If the junction relay is working, it feeds a hot to another relay with the main fuse. Check that relay it feeds the starter motor.


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