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Monday, March 12, 2012

Lever lift from a friend

I'm not one to talk all big about the "Biker Lifestyle," because most people these days count the poker runs, bike nights, and credit glides as somehow being an instant bad-ass. I do think the coolest about being involved with bikes is the people you meet and the people that help you out and you get to help out.

At any rate after my tank bending incident a friend of mine, Slickfoot Jon, build me a lever lift and it's great. Just stick it under the frame and stomp the lever and it's a solid center stand. You got to be careful not put it too close or you'll catch it on the kicker, buddy peg, or toolbox, but it stays under the pipes on the shovelhead by a 1/4 inch in use and it works great. You can also place to lift the rear or front wheel off the ground, too.

Thanks Slickfoot Jon.

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