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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

CT70 Battery Set-up

Time to figure out the battery situation for the Trail 70. I pulled this little 6volt sealed battery out of my Trail 90. I like these sealed batteries better than the acid type for sure.

It's rated higher than needed, 5Ah instead of 3Ah, but it fits in the battery box with all the stock rubbers perfectly on the red bike. That's good because I have to shim it up to fit the Trail 90 battery box.

Seems like it will clear the seat pan, too.

This is were things got different from what I was expecting. I thought all Honda's had green ground wire and a lead that went straight from the negative of the battery to bolt to the frame. That's not case with the K0. The negative on the battery goes to blue wire to ignition switch and the negative leads doesn't connect to frame for the chassis ground until you turn the key on. Not what I am used to, but easy to work with once you know. I'll need to reinstall the ignition switch before anything will work.

I found the lead for the battery for the main harness.

Found the terminals I needed.

I learned about soldering wires from a Bikernet article and how to build a helper.

So first move is to lengthen the blue lead.

Now add the terminals.

Add a terminal to the blue lead too.

Ready to go. I will wrap the positive side with electrical tape to cover the exposed metal.

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