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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Relatively Minor Unplanned Get-off

Well in was wet and nasty, but it had quit raining. I was going maybe 20 to 30 approaching one of those round-about deals. Columbus(Warpig62) was in front of me and we needed to slow, not stop, to enter the round-about. Evidently there was bunch of oil of something besides just water to make the road especially slick. I just touched my brakes to slow and I was on the ground.  My ankle was pinned under the fender strut and saddlebag. My ankle wasn't injured or hurting luckily, but I couldn't reach the handlebars to get the bike off me. I was about to try and slide my foot out of my boot when Columbus came back and got the bike off me. Handlebars are tweeked, lightbar toast, and the trim on my headlight scuffed. My right shoulder hurts if I raise about my hand above my shoulder. I did still go on and do the Veterans' Day Run.

I was just talking about how these pants weren't as waterproof as they used to be. The boot damage didn't get to the steel toe. This would have been painful in shorts and flip-flops.

That will buff out.

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