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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mid-West Mini-Fest Friday - Party

Barn-fresh period-correct turnip rolling basket.

Party people.

"I brought my Whitworth wrenches!" Fritz.

"Yep." "Yep." "Uh-huh."

We can get it on the road, no problem.

High Life and Jewel-Osco Bourbon.

More obscene gestures from the host.

Penny with the head tilt, but no chicken wing. Bold pose, Penny, Bold pose.

It's a family party.

Yeah, totally lost the rear brake on the way over today and there's DOT 4 all over the rear wheel.

"So then you flip the cup after you slam the beer?"

"Yes, just like this."

We had to check our phones again to make sure we weren't missing anything online.

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