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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Uncle Lummie's Zippo Tricks

There are a ton of Zippo lovers and haters in this world. I love the classic design. I don't smoke, but I do love the Zippo. The Zippo will light in windy conditions and very cold conditions unlike a butane lighter. The biggest issue for the occasional/camper/prepper type user is that the fluid dries. I carry a spare fluid can in my car bags and camping equipment, but here's another decent solution that I picked up from Columbus.

Take a skinny bicycle tube and cut it into a rubber band.

Fill the lighter, close it, and put the band on the lighter. This will keep the fluid in the Zippo for several weeks. Additionally it makes the closed lighter a little more water resistant, in case the lighter and/or you wind up in water by accident. If you're really having a bad day, then the band could be used for tinder as well.

Another great tip from Columbus, who smokes a pipe. Get a pipe insert for your Zippo. See the chimney with the large hole on the left? It makes lighting a campfire or candle much easier. It will still light a cigarette or whatever, too. You don't have to buy a pipe lighter just to get a pipe insert though. Zippo does not sell empty cases or inserts.  However, if you send in a warranty letter and your lighter and request a pipe insert, then they will return your lighter with a pipe insert and your original insert.

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