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Friday, September 11, 2015

Mid-West Mini-Fest Thursday - Trip out

The way to my aunt's house is easy. I needed some help to take an alternate route through Missouri and into Illinois and Wisconsin. The elastic in my arm band is very tired, but the J.P.S. Nav system still works.

Off to O'Reilly's to get the breather sorted out. 15/32 hose is perfect fit for the tube; it's even marked as crankcase vent hose.

A zip tie to the stock key tab and I'm good to go. I'll get a breather with a bolt tab as soon as I see one.

Unfortunate results of Missouri's road naming conventions.(I stole this from Google Street View.)

I got to Louisiana, Missouri. It's right on the border of Missouri and Illinois, between Hannibal and St. Louis on the river. I even saw a river otter running around on the street, that was pretty cool.

I was looking for gas and lunch. I asked a local at the gas station if there was any place around to get a hot lunch.

"My grandma owns a restaurant down the road and it's Bar-B-Que day. It's across from a car lot"

So I go to find this place and I see the car lot and the smoker, but I can't find the restaurant. Then I circle back around and find it. Izola's Place. This place has five tables and only one has four chairs, because the other tables are against a wall.

This is $11 worth of chicken dinner. I thought it was a shame that I wouldn't be able to take leftovers with me on my bike, so finished it all. I'm so going back to try everything else on the menu.

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