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Friday, September 11, 2015

Mid-West Mini-Fest Thursday - Arrival and Party

I finally made it to the party. I had to put my rain gear on about 40 miles out, but about 5 miles later the roads were dry. I managed to do two laps of East Troy before I found the place, but I made it.

KentR samples the Atomic which is basically Fireball from Iowa.

PeeBeeR's of course.

Testing out my tripod and camera timer.

The set-up works well.

Di and Deacon.

I'm not sure why our host makes obscene gestures all the time.

I'm not sure this picture was on purpose.

Deacon stole the camera at some point.

Chris and Kris.(I think I spelled those correctly.)

"Hang loose" Kevin and Wendy.

Don't start that yawning nonsense, Di.

We're just resting our eyes.

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