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Saturday, November 3, 2012

CT70 Crankcase Boss Repair (Attempt)

Poor people gots poor people's ways.

Remember this problem? The busted bossed I filled with Quiksteel. I used it instead of JB Weld because it was putty and could build up the boss easier. I didn't have the patience, smarts, or foresight to have the case welded up and fixed properly.

This is the claim in the instructions. I have let it dry for weeks.

It's sticking up just a bit. It's not a sealing surface, but it could be flatter to work better.

File it down.


Now to figure out how to make a nice hole for the screw. I started with an aluminum space from the hardware store. It fits nice and tight in the cover.

This is the drill and tap I need for the screw.

I drilled the spacer to make a drill guide.

Larger hole than was in the spacer to start with, but still smaller than hole in the cover.

I installed the cover with the two screws that still have good bosses.

Get an idea of how deep to drill with a hand drill.


Tapped. I don't buy the "steel hard" part of this advertisement. The tap really didn't tap it. I maybe should have used a smaller drill than normal or something, but I am totally unimpressed with the "threads."

A screw does kind of work. I don't see this holding up long, but...

It works for now and I may try to re-fill the boss with JB Weld next time. This cover will get powercoated soon, too.

Poor people gots poor people's ways.

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