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Saturday, November 3, 2012

CT70 Tappets, Intake, and Carb install

Time to get these tappets adjusted. Align the "T" mark on the rotor and make sure both valves are closed for TDC on the compression stroke.

Set the gap to 0.002 inch and lock the adjuster.

I had to figure out which end was which on the intake manifold. Looks to be the big hole to the head and the small hole to the carb.

And that makes figuring out the gaskets easier, too.

Gasket here.

I bought new bolts. I thought the parts book I had showed two 6X20 mm into the head and two 6X25 mm to the carb. So that's what I did.

Gasket here.

Plastic piece here.

O-ring here.

Bolts go in, but too long to look nice.

Just a little bit closer to running.

I had to swap the 20 and 25 mm bolts though.

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