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Saturday, November 17, 2012

CT90 Seat Cover Replacement

My Trail 90 seat was looking rough and I wanted to get a new cover on the foam starting showing worse and the foam could be damage.  I brought this one from I am a little bummed that the seams don't have the stitch details. This cover appears to have cooler seams, no logo. Sadly probably the best bet for a little more money would be this whole seat. Oh well, this is the cover I got and what I will run.

The new logo is taller, but narrower than the original, too.

Here's a look at the poor old seat's problems.

There are 8 rivets with clips and a bunch of bent over teeth holding the cover on. Pop off the clips and save them. Bend all the teeth straight out.

Oh wow the quilt part of the seat is totally trashed.

The new cover is nice and fluffy.

36 year old foam is quite a site.

This thing is dirty, too. So I wiped it all done with some Simple Green.

Getting the new cover on was a two hand job, so I didn't get good pictures. But from what I can tell, start with the nose first and pull everything down tight. I pulled each bit over the tooth and bent tooth down with a pliers. I used a cover on the plier jaw to keep the pretty side pretty.

The rivets from dratv are different, too. I thought they would be used without the clips and just flared out, but actually using the clips seems to make things nice and tighter than without the clips.

Find the rivet holes from the inside first.

Then enlarge the hole from the outside.

Install the rivet through the cover, pan, and clip.

Bend over the tabs.

Looks okay. It could be tighter. I'm not sure if that is the installer or old foam being knocked down a bit. The shipping seams from being folded still show, too. Hopefully a few 100 miles and the seat will look better.

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