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Sunday, November 4, 2012

CT70 Coil Fix and Engine Install

This is the view from where the engine should be looking up. Two nuts hold the coil in place.

This black wire needs to be unplugged to get the coil out to check and repair it.

Coil is out.

Here's the boot and wire repair kit, I didn't have a boot and the wire stiff and nasty.

I cut the wire at about four inches per the instructions. (I think you could go shorter if you wanted to hide the splice.)

I figured I would check the coil now, just in case.  It seems like a coil can test good and still be bad.

Between the black lead and the ground. I get 2.6 Ω, may be high, but close enough.

Now I'm highly confused the manual said 9 to 10 Ω from plug wire to ground, but what  I actually from is 9.6 kΩ from plug wire to lead wire. I'm going with it, because I don't really trust the manual, but if it doesn't through spark I will plug the coil from my other CT70.

Lay out the splice pieces.

On the coil wire.

On the new wire.

Coil going back to its home.

Route the wire out.

Motormount bolts.

Short one here.

Long one here.

Crankcase breaker hose.

Heave it in.

Back and realize this won't fit. Custom parts, custom problems.

And the hose clamp if junk, too.

I'll try to make it work.

Engine is in the frame.

Fill with 30 weight.

The dirty dipstick cleaned up nicely.

Gap the spark plug.

Install plug.

Figure out how much wire I need.

Cut to length install boot.

Looking good.

Well I did have to start getting parts off of the other bike. I thought I had a key for this one, but I didn't and the switch looked too jacked to get a key for too. So I pulled the ignition switch from the other bike hung it back here for now.

I think I cut a groove in the base get this to fit okay.

Now try this.

No that still doesn't fit. I'll buy the 45° version.

Here's my busted bar. I'll put it back on, because the throttle and cable are still good. I want run this motor, before I spend more on redoing everything else.

Seal here.

This notch with the ramp.

lines up with this screw.

I'm not sure why I can't get this boot to get on the top, but hopefully that isn't a real problem for now. I will be getting a new throttle cable soon.

Mock up the exhaust pipe.

Put the exhaust gasket on.

Bolt up the pipe this time. When I get the shocks sorted and go back up, I will then see which pipe is better and most like have to straighten it out to fit good.

I have a battery and IV gas can, but I'm done today. I don't want to get angry when it doesn't start right up today.

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