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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mid-West Mini-Fest Friday Part 3

More bikes at the breakfast joint.

Another cool thing with my Cannon camera is the Wi-Fi feature. I never understood the point of that on a camera until I had used a camera with that. I can transfer picture to my computer without pulling the memory card or plugging anything in. I'm also a recent convert to the church of the smartyphone. There's an app that let's me control my camera and take pictures using my phone on a Wi-Fi network. People still laugh at my tri-pod though.

Great company for breakfast for sure.

Most of the Indiana crew took off to go to Minnesota for a bit.

Columbus and I went riding. We stopped for a bit in Viroqua. We saw this crazy Rambler station-wagon.

We rode around the north-side of the county. Watch for gravel in the turns around the quarries.
Check out the name on this one.

Beautiful place though.

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