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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Mid-West Mini-Fest Friday Part 4 - Viola and S&S Plant Tour

So the Friday afternoon plan was to meet up in Viola and then tour the S&S plant and museum.

The Iron Horse Saloon was the rally point.

It's a decent enough place.

We all donated a dollar to "the shake".  One roll; four-of-a-kind gets a free drink, five-of-a-kind wins some money, six-of-a-kind splits the pot that was up to like $3400 or something silly.

I have no idea what was up with this horse.

To the S&S museum and plant. We had an excellent tour of the plant and museum. We weren't allowed to take pictures of the plant portion though. It was really cool. Lots of CNC machines running.

This a replica of George Smith's "Tramp".

This was George's Dual Carb Panhead. It was a test bed for a lot of S&S stuff back in the day.

This is Marge's FLH. She was a very active part of the operation.

Dual carb panheads.

Some old stroker fly wheels and a dual throat carb.

Hubba-Hubba(foreground) was the first 200 mph quarter mile v-twin. The streamliner(background) raced at Bonneville and I think wrecked out, but I don't remember the whole story.

This is the fastest non-streamlined Sportster ever

The streamliner's tight cockpit.

Two Knuckleheads.

I have no idea why our tour guide was working on Panhead Fred's bike in the parking lot.

The crew made the S&S faceboook feed, too. Check that out here.

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