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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mid-West Mini-Fest Monday Part 3

That thunderhead is still sitting directly in my path.

So here's the part of the story I shouldn't tell, but it's funny enough I have to tell it on myself.  I thought I had the gas to get home on. I thought, at least I have my spare can to use if I'm close. Well, as I get to the Northside of OKC I realize I won't make it and if I need my can I will need it right in the middle of town in the middle of a busy interstate. I can also smell the rain already.

So I pull off of the road and somehow find the only exit in Oklahoma City without a gas station in sight.  I then drove like 3 more miles to get back on the interstate.  At this point, I knew I needed to use my spare tank. The thought of a gas station stop had my bladder screaming at me too. (Using a Camelbak will keep you very hydrated.) So I can't find a gas station and I have to use the restroom to the point of pain. I'm looking around and all I see are these older acreage type home sights. I really don't want to get arrested and put on a list for using the restroom outside. Finally I find a wide spot in the road away from houses and stop and get my gas can. At that time I bent over and squatted behind my bike to relieve myself as quickly as possible (hoping to look like I was working on my bike). And Kawasaki's are watercooled after all. I got done and put back together right before two cars and a motorcycle drove by. I filled the tank and got back on the road.

I thought I was home free now. Well I hit the gully washer rain at I-35 and I-240. My tires slipped as I rounded the ramp to I-240.  I decided to get off the road.  I managed to hit a floorboard deep puddle before I got to the gas station awning.

I probably should have gotten gas at that station, but I thought I could make it home. I left out and less than a mile down the road I sputtered and when to another gas station. 4.312 gallons in a 4.2 gallon tank.

Home finally and wishing I could hit the road again the next day.

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