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Monday, August 8, 2016

Mid-West Mini-Fest Saturday Part 3

We barely made it to breakfast at the restaurant before the rain started coming down in sheets.

We hung out at the restaurant for quite awhile and the rain just wouldn't quit. So we went shopping at the trading post.

Anyone that has a wrench like this has a very good reason for having a wrench like this.

Bear traps and black powder.

The craziest thing about about the shopping trip was Columbus' new cane. Columbus' old bike had a cane and carrier attached. Well the e-start on his "new" springer softail had quit on his ride out from South Dakota, but luckily it had a five speed kicker on it. After a day or two of kicking, his ankle was hurting and he spied this cane in the corner of the store. He picked it up and tried it out and loved it. "How much?" he asked. The old man in the store said that's my cane. Columbus had a dejected look, but before he could put it down the old man replied "7 bucks." "Sold."

After all that shopping and still no end to the rain in sight, we went to the tavern next door. If you're in Wisconsin and go to a tavern that doesn't have one of these signs, then don't go in. So it was just Columbus and I nursing a beer for like two hours and having a very late lunch. I was a little bummed that I wasn't seeing the other folks that I only see a few times a year, but honestly, I don't get to sit and talk all afternoon with Columbus since he moved to South Dakota. So it was still a great day.

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