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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

SC Fest 2017 - Fix up

I stole this picture from Shemp. I was running on about 3 hours of sleep and I had spent about 3 hours touring San Angelo searching for possible solutions to my fuel pump problems. Luckily Tim lent me his bike, so I didn't have to make the trip at 80 mph. So I got an electric fuel pump and Mike and I got to work on it.

This picture is about the time I told everyone that I didn't need more help or any Shovelhead logic applied to my Kawasaki problems. I have tried that logic before and it didn't work. I was pretty much a dickhead at this point.

So here's the solution this time. This Mr. Gasket Electric Fuel Pump #42S - 2 PSI / 3.5 PSI - 28 GPH. About $50 and available at just about any Autozone or O'Reilley's. I was a bit concerned because the stock hose starts at 5/16 and steps down to 1/4 at the filter before it goes to the pump and carb. The Mr. Gasket is 5/16 on both ends.

Well the 1/4 inch hose can be jammed over the 5/16 outlet just fine and the unit comes with a filter. A few zipties and hose clamps and you're plumbed in.

The wiring was a bit of a head scratcher, but not really. The stock set up cuts off the pump when the engine is not running and/or with engine shut off switch turned to off. The pump also runs with the starter spinning, too. We couldn't figure out how to get that complicated, so it we ran just to on with the key on. There's potential to pump out all the gas in a tip over wreck, but you're already having a bad day at that point. The other terrible thing about the wiring was the scotch locks. These connection will need to be more permanent if this is more permanent.

This rig actually worked. I may go back to a stock pump.  However, I will make good soldered connections with quick connect ends in place and carry the Mr. Gasket as a spare.

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