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Saturday, July 1, 2017

SC Fest 2017 - Fuel Pump Problems

My bike started doing funny things after the construction stop. It was warm, but not even really hot yet. Remember my problems and attempted solutions 1 and 2, on my last 1500 and how I finally bit the bullet and bought the $300 Kawasaki pump? Now on this bike, I had fuel pump problems a little bit back and had another brilliant idea of using a $25 eBay fuel pump. Well that pump got real weak when it was kind of hot. I never did like that noisy bastard.

Yep. The outlet side was dry as a bone.

Another roadside by pass. It usually works okay for the top half of the day.

The last time I ran on the bypass it worked pretty decent. Well this time I had to go about 75 mph or so to keep a good siphon of gas flowing to the carb. I left the group behind at the Shovelheads' pace.
Texas does have nice smooth roads for hauling it when you need to. However, I had a bird run out and pop up right in front of me. It hit the speedo nacelle first and everything else hit my left side and arm.

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