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Monday, July 4, 2011

Battery Tray(Not motorcycle related)

I promise to get back to important stuff like motorcycles as soon as I get the parts I need to fix some stuff.

At any rate, this how my battery storage looks. What a mess.

So I decide to make a rack out of foam block similar to my scissor holder.

A little layout and planning.

Hand drilling doesn't work. The bit walks around and makes a mess. I tried just shoving the batteries in the block and that was worse.

A hacksaw cuts this stuff pretty well.

To the drill press. It seems to work okay.

Looking about right.

I still need one for the D-cells. I thought the foam would be easy and quick to work with, but if I did this over again I would use an oak or maple block. Wood is actually easier to work with. It would be heavier, but hold up better too.

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