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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Getting things back together

The tank should be dry now. So let's address the battery rub. Something like this should help.

I think cleaning up the nasty rough edge would help as well.

After a couple of mock-ups with the battery and padding. I realize it was too tight now and I would never be able to get the battery out with the tank in the bike. I used to piece of nylon tie down strap to built a sling that I could grab with pliers and pull out to replace the battery later.

Now to get the oil filter back on and connected.

OUT to the tank IN from the pressure side of the pump.

Now to fix the battery tender connection. I don't have a bolt on connection laying around just the alligator clip style. I need a shorter than regular lead anyway so I cut the two connectors and built what I needed.

I checked the Ohms to make sure I didn't screw it up.

Battery connected. On the positive side; main fused wire, regulator wire, and battery tender. Negative side; ground strap and battery tender.

Battery in.

Tool box back in place.

Buddy pegs on.

Now I can get back to the engine.

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