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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

CT Junk Muffler and KO Airbox Build

So the evening didn't start out very well. One exhaust is broke in two and the other one is rattling with rust, dented, and now has a heat shield bolt broke off in a boss. I'll probably be ordering a special Chinese exhaust for it.

On to the airbox, it fits like this. I actually think the easier way to install this without taking the carb and intake off is to undo the front motor mount bolt and rotate the motor then slap the entire assembled airbox on it.

The airbox parts diagram is a little squirrely to read, because there was a few changes between KO and K1 configurations. I thought I had this figured out when I ordered the parts for it, but that was a long time ago.

This is a rubber snorkel that doesn't seem to do much other than go into the frame to keep the rain out. Looking at this now I am concerned that my sparkplug wire coupling will interfere with it a bit, but we'll hope for the best.

This boot goes from the airbox to the carb. I seem to have misplaced the clamp for carb intake for this, too.

For some reason I got these gaskets for the end caps, it seems that all that are available now are full rubber plates with just a little hole for the bolt.

The o-ring gaskets are a pain to center for sure.

Tube through the air filter.

Into the airbox.

Long screw and acorn nut through the middle.

That's going to look good.

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