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Friday, December 6, 2013

CT70 Rear wheel

Baby, it's cold outside.

To the loft and the parts bike. It's colder and more crowded up here.

I had big boy keep the left spacer in his left hand and right spacer in his right hand.  I guess the right one is the fatter of the two.

 Grease and install the left spacer.

Wheel, right spacer, and axle ready.

Big boy pushes the axle in.

Oops. We forgot the chain adjuster.

Try two is better.

The new locknut on the other side didn't want to start and thread at first but we got it on. I tightened everything at the second mark just for the sake of getting it rolling. I will get the chain right later.

I managed to dig out most of the rear brake stay parts.

This witness mark is from the spring.

Spring and stay go here.

A nut and washer hold this.

This shoulder bolt goes here.

Nut and washer here, too.

Hmmm, suppose to have a lock washer there, too. And both ends need a cotter pin, but I don't feel like walking to my garage to get my assortment right now.

Oh yeah, looking good. It should stop on a dime now or at least as good as mechanical drums could ever stop.

Time to figure out this pedal business.

Most of the pieces, and I knew that washer was going to be important.

I had a few moments of panic when I couldn't find the pedal. I know I got it back from the powdercoater, but did I leave a box of parts in storage or what? Luckily it was in a cardboard box and not in all the plastic totes.

I will have to call it quits for the day. All the mating/moving surfaces of the pedal and frame will need some powdercoat removed, I think I still need to rob a part or two from the red bike, too. I got new cables, a headlight bucket, and seat foam going. I need to figure out which set of pegs and brush guard is the nice set  and do a mock-up and then send them for powdercoat.

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