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Friday, December 13, 2013

CT70 Right Bar and Throttle build

Simple, right?

Horn button wire starts here.

Threads out here.

Throttle cable starts from this end. The end with the big round dot and thread end goes in.

It comes out here and this stopper piece threads on.

Drop the stopper back in here.

The collar slides down over and the hole in the collar lines up with the hole in the underside of the bar with the another threaded hole in the stopper.

The slider goes into the bar slot and the leaded end goes into the slider.

The throttle tube slides on top. A special reduced head screw goes into the hole and slot of the tube. I missed the picture of that going in.

Time for a function check. Works good.

It's time to do the grip. It's dang tight. I got half way on, but then stuck and took it off again. I tried to heat it, but that made it too pliable.

Finally I used some tire mount lube, both my knees and hands together, and few heartfelt prayers. Piece of cake sorta.

I should have installed the button when I was putting the throttle in place, but I got it there.

A little long screw here.

Fresh rubber grommet here.

Lever and pilot screw go on.

Right bar goes on, hopefully to stay.

I just posed the seat in place. I don't want to mount the seat yet, it will just get in the way of other things needing to in and on. 

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