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Thursday, December 12, 2013

CT70 Ignition Switch Ground Test and Seat re-do

We need to make sure that the switch will properly ground or mostly accurately the switch connect the negative of the battery though the body to the engine head. That shows connection between the switch housing and head. So we don't need to clean any powdercoat off the body where the body switch mounts.

The next check is continuity from the switch housing to the coil mount and it's good, too.

I got my order from CHP. I had the cover already, but I needed the foam and the cables.

Build the hinge.

More grease.

Good to go.

My pan, new foam, and new cover.

It's about like the one I did for my Trail 90. Building these things are kind of more trouble than they are worth. For about the cost of the foam, cover, studs, and powdercoating the pan, you can buy a whole new seat. A ton less frustration, too.(Yeah, yeah, the pride is in the doing.) Any how, pull things tight and poke the hook parts through.

I think the CHP cover is actually thicker and tougher than the OEM one for the Trail 90. I had to start the hook holes with a pick.

I went to use the screw style rivets(22K)  from CHP, but I should have looked at this sooner. These are too fat for my seat pan holes. If I wanted to use those I should have enlarged my hole before powdercoat and definitely before I started putting the seat cover on.

The split tail version(203) from CHP fits just fine.(I happen to have a set laying around.)

Find the stud holes.

Install the studs.

Bend over the tabs.

It turned out better I expected it would when I was fighting it into place.

Under bumpers go in.

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