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Friday, December 6, 2013

CT70 Rear Wheel and Brake

Add the brake rod to the brake arm.

Add the cotter pin here.

Not enough room for a full cotter pin in the other end of the brake stay. So I did this. Kind of  a cotter pin safety wire hybrid. I think the stock stuff are hairpin clips.

That should work.

Way to much powdercoat on the brake pedal pivot.

That's better.

I had to clean a bit of powdercoat on these, too.

I thought I was missing a spacer, but I wasn't. This is the K0(auto clutch) part and it connects to a handle bar lever to augment the rear brake pedal. The KH0(hand clutch) replaces this part with a spacer.

The two pieces make up the rear brake pedal.

Basic mock-up. But getting the rod to the pedal wasn't working out right.

There still should be some adjustment here, but everything is jammed up.

It should look like this. The arm seems wrong and I forgot the pinch bolt, too.

Pinch bolt.

Where the bolt should go. There's a dot and the spines only let the arm on one way. I thought the arm was wrong side out or something, but I figured out that was not possible.

 After taking a few parts off it is better, but still ain't right. It drags a bit.

Witness marks here.

Hard to show here, but there is a rough spot with raised rust pits in one section of the hub. I worked that over with scotch-brite and a dremel with another steel wool wheel. That wheels work good, but don't seem too last long.

More trials yield less brake drag, but not perfect. The bearings are smooth as glass though.

Back together again. Hours of work to get back to where I started.

It spins really nice now though.

Although the brake drag was a problem to be addressed, I think the brake cam was all jammed to start with (for some reason).  Compare the pictures and brake arm angles. Weird.

Replace nut, washer, and cotter pin.

Grease pivot.

Install parts. Oops. Pin for the hand lever goes behind pedal parts.

Almost right, I forgot the big washer.

Better, but I still need a washer behind the brake rod cotter pin. I can't find it, so I'll have to get a 5mm washer later.

Finally the wheel spins nicely and the brake pedal works.

This tab for the rear brake light switch should be straight.

Arc joint pliers and a rag got it straight again.

Finally right.

The snow outside gave me too much back light to get the day's work picture any good, but it's not that dramatic compared to the last one. There was a lot of time and work put in, but you can't tell by just looking.


  1. Sorry to drop this hear. Your feed on the Chop Cult contains broken link/imgs. Any ideas? Allen (pm me on cc)

    1. I sent you an email. I can't figure out your username for sure on Chopcult though.