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Saturday, December 21, 2013

CT70 Rear Fender and Cable frustrations

It seems I still need two holes in the new cover to add the hinge.

Piece of cake. I still won't bolt it on until the wiring and fuel tank are in place.

Then suddenly my camera just quit. I just run the most basic Sony point-and-shoot cameras and all of the them have met dramatic ends in thunderstorms or falls to concrete, but this one just kind of died in its sleep.

Undeterred by equipment failure, I sent big boy to the house to get his camera. I have used it before to blog  when one of my cameras went MIA and it does okay.

Four threaded bosses under here for the rear fender. The mounts are arched to meet the fender and the holes actually run perpendicular to the arch, so don't try to start the bolts running straight up and down.

This should be the picture of my son installing four bolts and fender with ease. The back holes are even slotted right? Get them all started and then tightened, right?

Geez, not hardly. I don't know if they are all this difficult to install or the sheetmetal got all warped out a bit being straightened out and powdercoated or what. Every combination of bolts and the last one will not start. I even had my wife helping hold the bike as I pushed and tried to shape the fender into place.

I finally filed out the back holes just a bit and got it to work.

Way too much effort to get his thing on.

On to the front fender, well I thought I had good horn, but I don't. The horn nutplates are the nuts for the front fender on a KO.

Okay on to the left handlebar, and yeah I thought I had a good dimmer switch, but I don't.

Onward and upward I guess. Slide the grip on.

Lever time, I know I'll have to take it back off to add the dimmer switch later, I need to get parts off the deck at this point.

Left bar on.

Add the brake cable.

The front brake cable does something like that.

DOH! The front brake cable should go on the right lever.

Okay that's better.

Now to the rear brake cable.

Something like this and connect the other end to the left bar lever.

That was more aggravation than normal, but getting there. Now I'm wondering if that rear cable goes on the left or right of the neck. I'll have to check my old pictures.

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