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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CT70 Swingarm, Frontwheel, and part of Rear Wheel

Install the swingarm next.

The pivot was pretty nasty with old grease and rust.

Fresh grease should protect if from more rust.(I have big boy doing some camera work when the jobs are extra nasty.)

Pivot bolt through here.

Smoke all that down tight. The diagram shows a lock nut here, but the one that was on is not a locker so I will have to keep an eye on this one and maybe order the correct one later.

The shock hardware stacks up the like this. A big washer on the inside of the top and little washer on the outside.

Just the little one outside on the bottom.

Something like this on the right side for the muffler.

The faux-Öhlins are in place.

This bigger washer was in the shock hardware bag, but I can't find it on any parts diagrams. I will hold on to it though. Looks important.

To the front wheel, I think the new bearings are seated correctly, so we'll install the seal.

Front wheel into the forks. Brake stay lined and axle started.

Spacer on this side.

The black and smoke chrome are really looking good.

Washer and new lock nut. These early axles are not drilled for cotter pins.

The new lock nut is tight. Big boy had all he wanted holding the axle while I tightened the nut.

The rear wheel gets a new seal, too.

Big boy installs the sprocket dampeners.

Dust cap snaps on.

Cool! New stickers came with the sprocket.

Sprocket goes on.

Big snap ring holds that all together.

Big boy learns a new tool.

Oh man.I knew the blue bike didn't come with chain adjusters, but I guess it didn't have the proper rear wheel spacers either. I can't seem to find them anywhere. I'll double check my teardown pictures, but I will probably have to tear the parts off the red bike. I bought it as spare parts, but I have been trying to keep it as complete as possible for reference sake.

Almost a roller, I would really like to have this thing on two wheels and strapped down to the table better than balanced on the engine cradle.

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