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Saturday, December 14, 2013

CT70 Throttle Build Redux

As the gentlemen at were so quick to point out. I built my throttle wrong. I put the stopper that threads on to the end of the cable housing on backwards. So it needs to come apart. I learned a few more things though. I thought the grip would need to come off at least some to get to the screw, but a fresh rubber grip can be rolled back a bit no problem. I had to cut off the age harden 40 year old grips last time. This also means that a new throttle grip could be installed on the throttle tube before the throttle tube is attached to the bar. That might be easier next time.

This thing is wrong and it went together easy enough, but it sure didn't want to come apart. The squared off part should fall out of the slot, but this was put in backwards.

So I had the threaded end going directly in the threaded hole.

It should go in the long way to the threaded hole.

It should look like this.

Not like this.

I flipped this grommet over, too.

I had greased the parts a bit last time, but I decided to really grease up all the parts this time. Here's the properly put together and greased throttle operation.

1 comment:

  1. Hi there! Great write up. I am interested in using this throttle assembly on an old BMW. I have gathered all the parts, but I would still need to know the dimensions and setting out of the slot required in the bars. Maybe you can help me with those?