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Thursday, January 23, 2014

CT70 Carb Top and some wiring

I haven't hooked up the throttle cable to the carb yet so I need to pull the cap first.

Slide the boot up the cable.

Feed the cable end through the cap.

Find the slide and needle.

And the spring.

Install cable end into slide like this.

Find the ramp on the slide. It will need to line up with idle screw.

Like this.

Install cap and boot.

Off the table and onto the floor.

Now to get to work on the wires hanging off the front ened of this bike.

Green-yellow wires connects the front stop switch to the main harness.

Red wire connects power from the harness to the front stop switch.

Brown from the aftermarket dimmer switch(stock switch should have brown-red) to brown-red from harness. This powers the dimmer switch.

Rear brake light switch. It works, but the old shrink wrap has hardened and is all messed up.

The old shrink wrap is stubborn and the new piece I had was kind of too big to shrink down for just two wires, so it seemed like a good idea to just throw a new piece of shrink wrap over the whole mess.

Switch pops in this hole on the frame tab.

Connect the spring here.

Wires feed into the body here.

After several attempts to get the now too fat double shrink wrapped mess into the body. I gave up.

I cut off all the new and old shrink wrap. Of course the spot where the old wrap was heat crimped to the wire left bald spots on the wires. I knew this would happen. That's why I had tried to leave that alone. I also managed to cut myself with the razor blade, too.

So now I need more shrink wrap and went digging for some. I love and hate Harbour Freight. Mostly Chinese and some things there aren't worth carrying out of the store.(Seriously do NOT buy hose clamps there.) I do love their heat shrink though.

Skinny size for the bad spots on the wire.

Luckily I found some black that shrunk down over the whole mess, not great, but okay.

Finally got the wires in the frame. That was way more time and energy than it should have been.

Green-yellow and red connect the rear brake light switch to the harness. A little blood makes every project turn out better.

Smoke chrome powder coated trim peice here.

Drop the seat on for the photo op. That's enough for one day. (The gun in the corner is a BB gun not a real firearm.)

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