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Saturday, January 4, 2014

CT70 Pegs, Engine Guard, and Stupid Chinese Exhaust

So if you dremel enough this pipe will fit. The bracket has an offset so I had to steal one of the large shock acorns off the donor bike and the bracket still doesn't fit great. The rolled front edge of the bracket messed up the polished top eye of my shocks, too. ugh.

I should know better than to buy Chinese crap, but I guess I don't. I didn't want to buy it, but I'm on an OCC build date deadline.(Yeah, that's why their bikes suck. I should know better.) The supplied midpoint mount hardware does not fit anyway, I tried.

The stock hardware won't fit it either.

On to the pegs and kickstand. Fresh from the powder coat. Bolt in the hole and hook the spring into position.

Detent ball goes here.

Peg, pin, washer, and cotter pin.

Built up and ready to go on.

Between the brake pedal and engine, rear bolts first, then engine and front bolts(see previous posts).

Did I tell you I hate this stupid pipe? The front heatshield won't let the front of the engine guard go into place.

Pull that heat shield and everything else works okay.

I added the spark plug guard and there is no way that all of this could have fit together with the heatshield in place.

Enough for the day.

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