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Monday, January 13, 2014

Sheetmetal Class Project 1

So they let me take a sheet metal class for work. I haven't even bucked a rivet before, but somehow I have been qualified to tell people have to patch airplanes for about a year or so.

It doesn't look like much, but it was most of a day's work.

We started with a 4 ft by 10 ft sheet of 0.063" 2024-T4 stock. We cut that down to 12" X 12"  plates. I radiused the corners of two plates. Then I drilled, deburred, and riveted with AN470AD4-5 rivets at 1 inch pitch. After that I drilled out 25 of those rivets and replaced them with AN470AD5-5, note the upper right corner of the manufactured end picture.

This is the manufactured end side of the piece.

The shop(or upset) head side. The larger rivets are in the upper left corner in this view.

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