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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Shovelhead Rattlecan Repaint Part 3

Unmasked and almost ready for clearcoat. Lummie did all the photo and the paint work on this one.

First order of business is to feather this paint line smooth.

Pull the razor down the line.

Now to wet block a bit with 800 sandpaper and a tongue depressor as the block. Usually Lummie uses the finest foam backed  emery board from the beauty supply store.

A little 1000 wet sanding over everything.

We are going to use SprayMax 2K. Most rattlecan clearcoat don't have enough hardener to stand up to gasoline. If they had enough hardener, then they would have terrible shelf life and there would be a ton of wasted out-of-date paint. With SprayMax 2K you mix the hardener right before you use it and only get 48 to finish the can. Also note the gooey stuff creeping out of the seam at the bottom of the can. I bought this can last February and  I was concerned it had gone bad. I called a rep for SprayMax and he said this is common occurrence on older cans and will not affect the product within the 36 month limit.

Still within the 36 month window.

Warm up the tank and the can some.

Spray away. A thin coat first, then several light coats.

Oh yeah, nearly there. Next up putting paint on the flatsides of the tank, stripes, and I'm thinking a decal for the lettering.

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