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Saturday, January 11, 2014

CT70 Chain Drive

I had to spin the bike around on the table to get at the left side. I keep thinking I will have this thing off the table soon enough.

Here's the output shaft. Note the splines and the groove.

New front sprocket slides onto the splines.

This is the retainer plate, it slides onto the splines then rotates in the groove until the holes in the plate line up with the threaded holes in the sprocket.

Two bolts hold the plate to the sprocket.

These will need a stronger torque once the wheel is connected via the chain.

The new chain is way too long and I should have tried to find out the recommended chain length, but I will just wing it.

I moved the rear wheel to the 2nd from the front mark as a starting point.

 Then I broke the chain to about the right length based on eye.

Master link goes in.

Top plate.

Clip. Always put the opening behind the direction of chain travel.

Now to align and adjust the chain. I need the rear wheel off the ground. I was going to put the box that had supported the engine prior to build up under the engine again, but the engine guard and peg mounts were kind of in it's way. This little bottle jack fit perfectly under the engine and front straps did not need to be adjusted for the rear wheel to come up.

I think this is about right for slack, and it seems straight enough.

I lower the bike and help the rear wheel and put the grunt on the sprocket bolts.

Left side case has three screw. The long one goes here.

The short one is up front and low.

The middle length one goes here, but not yet.(Remember this boss on this bike is marginal at best.)

The chainguard goes here and includes that last left side screw.

It seems some came from the factory with screws and some with bolts on the chain guard. I figured these bolts were okay to use.

Little by little.

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  1. Just stumbled on your build and had to read through the whole thing! I just picked up an old ct70 the other day, some of this info may help with my build. Thanks, can't wait to see it finished.