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Friday, January 17, 2014

Shovelhead Rattlecan Repaint Part 2

Since ARBY over at was really concerned that I didn't get pictures and how-to on finishing this job, I guess I'll show this now.

Tape off above the old tape line.

The tape line had left a slightly raised edge of primer. Lummie pulled(do not push) a razor down the line and  feathered the edge back smooth.

Dry towel dust off.

Just the tiniest bit of light sanding.

Moist mineral spirit light rub down. To get just enough mineral spirits on the rag, put just a quarter sized spot in the middle of the rag, then wad the rag into your fist to get the mineral spirit on the rest of the rag.

Clearcoat the tape line.

It was just a bit cold tonight so we warmed the clear to dry faster as well as prep the tanks for real paint. We warmed the can of blue while we shook it up too.

Oops, didn't get a pic of the paint going on, but here's the tape coming off once the paint set up.

Oh yeah!

Right tank tape off.

Razor feather the edge.

Light sand.

Dang, I missed the pictures of the mineral spirits and clearcoat on the tape.

But I did get an action painting shot this time.

Oh yeah!

We should be able to finish this up on time. They still need paint on the frame side, clearcoat(going to try SprayMax 2K), stripes, and eventually lettering.

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