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Saturday, January 25, 2014

CT70 Powdercoated Kicker, Grab Handle, and Heatshield

So I tore down the kicker to powdercoat it. I needed to replace item 11.

That part is available NOS from some sources online, but I thought I could get something locally. I set out to ACE Hardware looking for a metric snap, but I found something better.

Yes, I always take my parts(and camera) to ACE to make sure the new stuff will fit with my parts okay.

The washer(9) has a beveled edge and the c-clip fits it well.

Yeah, should have had the PC man mask this end.

Nothing a little 220 can't handle.

Fitting good again.

Spring and washer on.

Push against the vise jaws and have your wife install the c-clip. Thanks, honey.


This is really unpleasant, especially when your tire lube bottle is frozen.

If you get it far enough on, then you can pound it like a hammer the rest of the way.


I better clean the splines out, too.

Like a glove. I bet most Honda Single lovers haven't seen a black kicker before.

New murdered-out grab handle.

The new bolts look cool like the seat rivets.

Cut the extra of the fuel lines and connect them.

Time for the heatshield.

The front clamp and insulator go together like this around the pipe.

Insulator, washer, lock washer, and screw times three.

Start with this one.

Do the front one.

Pick up the rest.

Very nice.

The pretty side is looking pretty again.

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