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Saturday, January 25, 2014

CT70 Tank, Battery Box, Seat, and Taillight

Generally I include all my bad ideas that didn't work and everything in order in my blogs, but this blog has a few things out of order and a few bad tries not discussed only the things that seemed to work out.

On to the fuel tank, I'm sorry, but I snicker every time I see this thing.

It was pretty dirty so I put Big boy to work on it.

I believe the cap should have a gasket in it and the cap is in rough shape, too.

So I ordered a new one. It's really nice.

So it's the top plate, the grommet, tank, and cap.

There's rubber grommet out here, too. (Still snickering.)

Fuel lines go here.

There has to be a trick to getting the hoses from the carb to the tank. I actually wound up pushing the hoses up from the bottom opening. The white label is for the reserve.

These pads need to go under the tank, I wound up using weatherstrip adhesive and it worked out.

I connected the hoses and tied a string to the hoses so I didn't lose them into the body. Now it's ready to go in. Normally I would put an inline fuel filter on these, but there's no room and a plastic tank won't throw rust flakes in the fuel. I'll have to trust the brass screen in the carb to catch anything else.

Work the whole mess into place and verify that the frame pads haven't fallen off in the body.

Work all these pads in the battery holder. That's easier to write about than it is to do.

Rectifier goes on the battery box. I was thinking it needs to ground to the frame, but actually the two wires to the harness should have us covered.  Remember to put the anti-rotation lug in the correct hole, too.

Lay the battery box in place and connect the rectifier to the harness.

Here's the seat latch. I don't like how ugly it is, but I couldn't figure out how to take it apart and freshen it up. I may put some shrink wrap on the part that's outside the frame later.

Handle through the hole.

Release handle laid in place.

Time to bolt everything down. I don't quite believe the parts manual for the lengths of bolts needed, but I seemed to have enough bolts to make everything fit.

Tank and battery box bolted in.

Release handle bolted in.

I bought a new battery cover. I have never actually seen one of these or even broken parts of one until I bought this one.

Working the back nubs into the holes is a challenge. Yes, that is a scratch from me working at it.

Finally. That looks good.

Bolt the seat on.

Time to try in on. Oh no! Big Boy is not big enough and can't touch even on his toes. I was more disappointed that he was. This is probably good news for now. I won't feel bad about not letting him ride it until after the show next month and can send him to MSF dirtbike school before he rides, too.

I almost forgot this bolt, but I got it covered now.

Taillight time. This rubber grommet is old and nasty, of course.

I wanted to dechrome this piece, but I couldn't figure out how to really get it all apart and put back together.

New gasket.

Easily the trickiest bolt to get started on this whole project. I should have installed the taillight onto the holder on the bench first.

I didn't have any 8mm nuts laying around so used the other bolt inside the socket to keep the drive bolt sticking out of the socket and used an extention

The second bolt started easier and I managed to get the taillight mounted.

Plug it in.

Gasket and lens.

Two screws for that.

A successful night in the shop.

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